With valuation gaining recognition as a profession all over the world, it becomes evident that valuation education and knowledge sharing is critical to delivering reliable and relevant valuations. Constantly changing markets and regulatory environment make it both necessary and difficult to remain current on valuation matters. This is why attending a professional valuation conference gives you’re a competitive edge providing a valuable opportunity to discuss the latest trends and developments in the profession, exchange views with fellow valuers of their experience, accepted valuation techniques, and reliable data sources.

Many national and international professional valuation organizations provide their members with guidance on valuation standards and methodology. For many years American Society of Appraisers remains a leader in fostering valuation best practices in business valuation and plant and machinery valuation. Our conference is very fortunate to have obtained permission from the ASA’s Business Valuation Review and the MTS Journal, to select and post on our web site certain articles published by them in the past.

We would like to thank Jeff Tarbel and Brad Hartsburg for kindly providing pdf copies of these very interesting and relevant professional publications. You will be able to meet some of the authors and the editors of both Business Valuation Review and The MTS Journal when you come to Auckland in September.

The publications cover a broad range of the topics relevant for business and plant and machinery valuers. You can download them for free by following the links provided in this section.

We also suggest that you visit the web sites of the Business Valuation Review and the MTS Journal to see their most recent editions.

Alexander Lopatnikov, Chairman ICVPME